About Altus Dental

Altus Dental: A competitive alternative to the status quo.

Altus Dental Insurance Company, Inc. is the fastest growing dental benefits company in Massachusetts, providing coverage to nearly 120,000 members. Headquartered in Southern New England, we offer the features you are looking for: competitive dental plans and a growing network of dentists, backed by prompt payments and first class service.

Membership Growth

We have a great deal of experience working with health and welfare groups, collective bargaining organizations and municipalities. We’ve also built valuable relationships with brokers and employers across the state, creating unique partnerships to reach underserved markets, such as retirees.  And, our relationship with AAA continues to strengthen as we expand our AAA program to clubs throughout Massachusetts.

Check out our performance highlights below. Or, for more details, view our 2011 Annual Video and see why Altus Dental customers are some of the most satisfied.

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  • Network – Rapidly growing network of nearly 6,300 dental locations in Massachusetts and Rhode Island and over 95,000 nationally through Connection Dental.
  • Account Retention – Since its inception, Altus Dental has maintained an account retention rate of about 95%.
  • Member Satisfaction – 99% satisfaction with quality of care received.
  • Financial Accuracy – Over 1.5 million claims processed, with 99.8% accuracy.

Don’t take our word for it… our latest Customer Survey results speak for themselves.