About Altus Dental

Altus Dental

Affordable plans with first-class service

Altus Dental provides affordable, quality dental insurance to more than 180,000 members through Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and southern New Hampshire. Altus Dental offers first-class customer and online services, as well as prompt claims processing.

Member Satisfaction

Altus achieves outstanding member satisfaction each year. Here is what our members said in our most recent Member Satisfaction Survery:

  • 94% said they were satisfied overall with Altus Dental
  • 94% said they were satisfied with the availability of dentists
  • 99% said they were satisfied with the quality of their treatment
  • 93% said they would recommend Altus Dental to a friend of family member

Strategic Partnerships

Our business customers ranked us #1 for affordability, flexibility and employee satisfaction. Altus has great relationships with employers, municipalities, brokers, health and welfare organizations, and retiree groups.

The AAA program with Altus continues to expand, delivering great dental insurance to AAA members throughout Massachusetts.

Strong Dental Network

Our dental PPO network of more than 10,000 participating dental locations in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and southern New Hampshire is one of the region's largest - and it's constantly growing.