Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I get a quote from Altus Dental?
Send us a request for a dental proposal with your client's information and claims experience, if available. We'll have a quote back to you within five to seven business days. We need:

  • Company name and address
  • A copy of the current plan design and the most recent 12 months of claims experience, if available.
  • Employee census (a list of eligible employees and their dates of birth)
  • Date when coverage would become effective

Q. How does your commission schedule compare?
Our commission schedule is competitive with national and local plans in your area. Call us at 1-877-223-0577 or e-mail us for a complete commission schedule.

Q. What makes Altus Dental better?
We’re proud of our flexible plan offerings, competitive pricing, superior operational performance and our fast-growing dental network.

Q. What are your product offerings?
We offer three great dental products — Altus Point of Service (POS), Altus Plus and Altus Preferred. All of our plans can be customized by adjusting coverage levels, deductibles and annual maximums.

Q. What's the difference between Altus dental products?
The difference between our products is in the way we reimburse out-of-network care.

Altus Point Of Service (POS)
Point Of Service products give employers the ability to reward employees who receive services from participating providers with higher coverage amounts. For example, employers could offer 100/80/50% coverage levels for out-of-network services and enhance coverage to 100/100/60% for in-network services.

Altus Preferred
Altus Preferred combines access and affordability by giving employees financial incentives to choose a dentist from our fast-growing network. Care received outside the network is covered at a reduced level.

Altus Plus
Altus Plus maintains comparable reimbursement whether members receive care in or out of the network. By paying for out-of-network services at the usual and customary level, we’ve virtually eliminated balance billing for out-of-network services with Altus Plus.

All of our products offer national access to the CONNECTION Dental network, with more than 194,000 participating locations nationwide, including general dentists and specialists.

No matter what your client's budget and coverage needs, Altus Dental will work with you to offer the best dental coverage at affordable rates.

Q. What types of benefits will members have?
All of our dental plans offer the same great menu of benefits, including preventive, diagnostic services, minor and major restorative work, periodontics, oral surgery and orthodontics. Take a look at our sample plan options.

Q.Who is eligible?
Generally, companies with three or more employees for whom the company contributes all or a portion of the premium charge. For a copy of our complete enrollment guidelines, e-mail us or call us at 1-877-223-0577.

Q. Do you offer voluntary plans?
Yes, the minimum participation requirement for voluntary groups is 50% of benefit eligible employees.

Q. How do I become an Altus Dental broker?
Complete our Broker Agreement and send it to us with a copy of your Massachusetts insurance license. Call 1-877-223-0577 or e-mail us for a copy of our Broker Agreement.