Health Care Reform and Dental

Dental Benefits & Health Care Reform

Health Care Reform Glossary

Affordable Care Act (ACA): National health care reform bill passed by the Obama Administration. For more information, visit

Essential Health Benefits (EHB): 10 health benefits that insurance companies are required to cover per the ACA.

Massachusetts Health Connector (Health Connector): State-based marketplace in Massachusetts where you can compare and shop for health and dental coverage.

Qualified Dental Plan (QDP): Designation given to dental plans available on the Health Connector, verifying that they meet Massachusetts’ guidelines and include pediatric dental care benefits. Altus Dental is one of five dental plans to receive this distinction.

As of January 1, 2014, pediatric dental benefits are one of 10 Essential Health Benefits (EHB) included in medical plans for individuals, families and small businesses. Dental coverage is offered on the Massachusetts Health Connector, the state-based marketplace where individuals, families and small businesses can choose from a variety of dental plans, including Altus Dental.

We are pleased to announce that we are a Qualified Dental Plan (QDP) and have received the Health Connector’s seal of approval. We are one of five dental plans in the state to receive this distinction.

In addition to the plans we have available on the Health Connector, we have also introduced QDP plans and products in partnerships with well-known health insurers like Health New England.

Note to Small Businesses: Reasonable Assurance Certification
If you are a small business owner and provide dental coverage to your employees separately from your health insurance coverage, we will provide an assurance certification indicating that your Altus Dental plan complies with health care reform requirements and satisfies the designated pediatric Essential Health Benefit.