Our Enhanced Benefit Program

In addition to our core benefit programs, we’ve incorporated wellness benefit offerings into our plan designs, addressing the link between periodontal disease and several medical conditions, including diabetes, stroke and pre-term birth.

Below are examples of recommended benefit features that you can integrate into your dental plan:

  1. Adding the single tooth implant as a standard prosthodontic benefit because this procedure has been recognized as a sound clinical solution for a missing tooth.
  2. Covering topical fluoride varnish for those patients who have had periodontal surgery.
  3. Providing additional cleanings/periodontal maintenance for populations at risk for progressive periodontal disease, including pregnant women, diabetics and patients with a compromised immune system.
  4. Extending coverage for sealants to bicuspid and molar teeth. Sealants deliver an 85% reduction in cavities by providing a mechanical barrier against harmful bacteria.

We believe paying for certain preventive services now, such as additional cleanings and sealants, has the potential to impact health care costs and improve patient outcomes. And, as the science becomes available, we will continue to develop innovative ways to promote new approaches in dental care.

Contact us to learn more about how these plan options could benefit you and your employees.