Chewsi helps patients say yes to dental care

Altus Dental is proud to partner with Chewsi, the new way to help patients get the care they need. Chewsi connects people with dentists, and can be used on any service and at every visit, with no exclusions or limits.

Chewsi helps make dental care attainable for patients, including care that might not be covered by their insurance plan — like night guards, teeth whitening and other cosmetic services.

Chewsi helps more patients say yes to the care you recommend, improving your case acceptance rates. Unlike insurance, Chewsi has no limits, exclusions or calendar maximums. When patients use Chewsi to pay for their dental care, they’re less likely to put off the care they need. If a patient’s dental plan won’t cover a recommended service, Chewsi steps in to fill the gap.

Chewsi is ideal for your uninsured patients, too — especially part-timers, retirees, self-employed and others who don’t have access to traditional benefits. Chewsi is free to download and easy to use — patients just download the app, find your office in the app and call to book an appointment, and then pay with Chewsi at the time of service.

There’s no paperwork, phone calls or approvals with Chewsi — it’s hassle free for you and your office staff.

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