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Why Should I Join Altus Dental?

As a participating Altus Dental dentist, you enjoy the advantages of belonging to the largest PPO network in southeastern New England.

  • Fast, accurate payments directly to your office.
  • More competitive fee schedules than most network-based plans.
  • Pre-treatment estimates mailed directly to you.
  • Reliable, professional service, both online and in person. And that means no hassles for your office manager.
  • A plan design that lets members choose their own dentist with no referral requirements.
  • Increased volume of patients with dental insurance.
  • A free link to your office website via our online dentist directory.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How quickly does Altus Dental pay claims?

Altus Dental sends prompt weekly settlement checks direct to your office to improve cash flow. Over the last four years, Altus Dental's processed claims within 2.4 days on average. And we average a 4-day turnaround on pre-treatment estimates.

Q. How do your fees compare?

Our fees are very competitive. Check the numbers and compare Altus Dental to similar plans - we think you'll like what you find. For a copy of our fee schedule, simply e-mail us your request or call toll free at 1-877-223-0577.

Q. Who has Altus Dental?

We market to employers statewide. Our fastest-growing market segments include municipalities, hospitals, and health and welfare funds. We also offer three programs for individuals living in Massachusetts, such as AAA, Massachusetts Health Connector and Altus Dental for 1. For more information about our Individuals & Families programs, click here.

Q. How will I know if my patients are covered by the Altus Dental program?

You will easily recognize Altus Dental patients by their member identification card. To verify eligibility and benefit levels, take advantage of our Online Tools. These tools include 24 hour access to detailed patient eligibility information, including annual maximums and deductibles, as well as time and frequency usage by benefit (e.g. number of cleanings used already during the coverage year). You can also confirm benefits and eligibility by calling 1-877-223-0588, toll free.

Q. Do I need to get a referral if I choose to send one of my Altus Dental patients to a specialist?

No. Altus Dental does not require member dentists to obtain specialty referrals or authorization.