Important Notice from Altus Dental Insurance Company

Effective October 1, 2018, Altus Dental will no longer accept benefit and eligibility inquiries by phone from third-party solutions. We are concerned about disclosing our members’ protected health information to entities that cannot be adequately verified.

Protecting the health information of our members is of the utmost importance to us. Many of these calls involve benefits requests for multiple patients, multiple codes and complete claims histories, making it difficult to ensure that the use of, disclosure of and requests for protected health information are kept to the minimum necessary to accomplish the intended purpose, as required by the HIPAA Privacy Rule.

Benefit and eligibility information can be accessed through the Altus Dental website or by using Fax Back. The Altus Dental Fax Back number is (877) 223-0588. Third-party solutions should contact the office they represent for needed website access.